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Root canal therapy in Asbury Park

Asbury Park dentist
Asbury Park dentist

If you have a root canal infection, it’s vital that you have a treated as soon as possible so that you stand a better chance of salvaging your tooth. Here with our Asbury Park dentist, Laura Branigan, DMD, you can have your root canal assessed and you can get the proper root canal therapy that you need to improve your dental health and resolve the issue.

As soon as you experience oral pain of any kind, it’s important that you see a dentist. The sooner you get the dental work you need, the more likely you can avoid further damage and decay. For people with root canal infections, the desire to get prompt care is often heightened because of the amount of pain associated with this condition. While root canal infections tend to share symptoms with cavities, root canal infections are generally more painful because the nerve ending located at the center of the tooth is also off an agitated, causing more persistent and shooting pain. The first treatment undertaken to treat an infection of this kind is root canal therapy. Root canal therapy aims to get rid of the infected portion of the tooth while keeping as much of the affected tooth intact as possible. Our Asbury Park dentist, Laura Branigan, DMD, will perform the procedure with precision and provide you with any anesthetic necessary to ensure your comfort throughout the duration of the surgery. Once the surgery is complete, you will return for a follow-up visit where the success of the surgery is determined and you may also need to have a dental crown set into place.

Treating root canals are a matter of importance, and time is often of the essence. To preserve your dental health and to preserve the function of your teeth, it’s important that you have root canal infections treated as soon as possible. If you need root canal therapy, please feel free to call us here at the offices of Laura Branigan, DMD to set up an appointment with our Asbury Park dentist.

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