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Eatontown Teeth Cleaning

Dentist in Eatontown
Dentist in Eatontown

Our dentist in Eatontown, Dr. Laura Branigan, puts you first and as our valued patient, a variety of services are available covering everything from dental exams and general dentistry to cosmetic procedures, restorations, and periodontal work. No need to be referred to a stranger because it’s all done at our dental office, at the highest level of expertise and skill. You can remain with us, where you feel at-home and comfortable. We do our very best to ensure the highest level of dental health for you and your entire family, including children.

The cornerstone of well-being for your teeth and gums is prevention. While that begins at home with a wise strategy of good nutrition and daily brushing and flossing, a twice-yearly dental exam is equally important. Our dentist in Eatontown,, will be able to find any signs of tooth decay or gum disease early on, when treating these concerns is the simplest and most likely to result in keeping your teeth and gums in great shape. Tooth decay that isn’t addressed promptly can lead to the need for root canal therapy or even a tooth extraction. And gum disease may eventually cause loss of vital gum and bone tissue and even to loose teeth. Combined with a dental cleaning that removes stubborn plaque and tartar (the main causes of both tooth decay and gum disease), you will be able to maintain a mouth that looks and feels fresh and keep your teeth and gums strong. Should you need treatment for gum disease, early stage can usually be handled with a simple dental cleaning or two. If it reaches the advanced stage, that requires a more involved type of cleaning called scaling and root planing.

Crowns are helpful in so many cases. They support teeth that have been weakened by tooth decay or that have become cracked or fractured. Also, they are used to top off a tooth after root canal therapy and they form the second part of a dental implant. Speaking of dental implants, along with bridges and dentures, they are a replacement for missing teeth that are offered by our dentist in Eatontown,. And don’t forget veneers. They’re a very versatile cosmetic solution for nearly any concern about how your teeth look.

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