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Can you recall the last time you visited your local Ocean family dentist for a regular check-up? Many of us are under the belief that our smiles can be perfectly cared for within the comfort of our own home, when unfortunately the truth is a far different story. Your mouths need professional care in order to remain healthy and beautiful. While it may seem as if dental health care is an unnecessary expense, by receiving comprehensive oral examinations and cleanings every six months you can actually stop the most commonly treated oral health problems from ever happening to you. To find out how biannual visits can give you a beautiful smile for life, simply visit our welcoming offices of Laura Branigan, DMD.

Local Dentist Ocean
Local Dentist Ocean

Brushing and flossing at least twice a day is a necessary basis of proper oral health care, but these base steps of dental hygiene are not the end of what your smile needs to last for a lifetime. Hardened deposits of calcium and tartar begin to form just twenty minutes after snacks and meals, and no matter how hard you try or how advanced your spin brush may be, no amount of at home cleaning can work to remove them. In fact, brushing too vigorously will actually scratch the enamel of your teeth and harm your gums before they are truly cleaning. Only a professional hygienist from your trusted Ocean family dentist can work to remove calcium, tartar, and even hazardous levels of bacteria to insure your smile is truly clean and healthy.

However, biannual dental appointments are much more than a thorough yet gentle cleaning, these appointments also include examinations that can work to detect oral health problems before they can cause harm. If you have gone a number of years without receiving oral health care, our team at your trusted Ocean family dentist will utilize digital x-rays to thoroughly examine what the naked eye cannot. Digital x-rays provide more detailed images that previous technology, all while putting out 90% radiation. With digital x-rays your doctor can diagnosed bite problems, detect the early signs of tooth decay and gum disease, as well as predict how any unerupted wisdom teeth will affect your smile to stop any harm from coming to your teeth.

With biannual appointments with your neighborhood Ocean family dentist you can save your smile from ever developing cavities or gum disease, working to save yourself both time and money it would take to receive these additional treatments. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the offices of Laura Branigan, DMD have been proudly serving your local community for well over a decade. The personalized care and experience of our team at the welcoming offices of Laura Branigan, DMD can insure that your beautiful smile lasts a lifetime.

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