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Dental cavities in West Long Branch

Preventive care involves proper brushing and flossing methods, as well as coming in for annual cleanings each year at the office of Laura Branigan, DMD. Call our West Long Branch dentist any time to find out more about to take better care of your teeth and to ward off dental decay and cavities. .

Dental care is important in maintaining healthy teeth and in keeping cavities at bay. Cavities may form holes that can cause tooth pain, decay and eventually, loose or missing teeth or gum disease. Patients should come in at least once a year for this type of cleaning, both children and adults. During an annual cleaning our West Long Branch dentist can get in between the crevices of teeth and gums with a special tool used to scrape off plaque and tartar. This helps clear bacteria from in between the teeth. This is important because brushing and flossing techniques cannot get as deep as we can with these types of cleanings. There are various types of gum disease. Chronic periodontal disease is more common and happens to those over the age of 45. With aggressive periodontal disease, there can be rapid loss of gum attachment and bone tissue. Treatment is more aggressive and sometimes surgical intervention is needed. We can also recommend at home treatments that the patient can practice on their own time to clear up their oral health.

Check our website for more information and patient testimonials. At our West Long Branch dentist office, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and care and enjoy helping our patients individually to have the best teeth possible. If you think you may be suffering from a cavity, don’t wait. Call today to find out how to have this treated, and schedule an appointment with us to have it done before it gets worse.

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